• Ryujin Bungy (100m)

    Ryujin: Ibaraki is home to the Ryujin Otsuribashi, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge on Japan’s main island. The bridge stands a staggering 100 meters over Ryujin Gorge making it Japan’s highest bungy experience. The Japanese characters for Ryujin stand for dragon god, which is reflected in the main pillars that are designed to have a dragon feel.

    Walking across the bridge is enough to give you a small thrill but with Bungy Japan our platform is located inside the bridge below the walking deck so for those not brave enough to take the jump we grant access to said platform for one spectator per group (extra fees apply) so you can get a taste of the pure rush the jumpers feel.

    While you’re in the area visit Takyu Shrine, try the local buckwheat noodles (soba), or go for a hike in the abundance of mountains surrounding the bridge.

    But most of all the area’s highlight is Ryujin Bungy , which has become Japan’s premier bungy jump, and one of the most exciting experiences of any sort nation wide. Test your will and strap yourself in for Bungy Japan’s biggest thrill!

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  • Itsuki Bungy (66m)

    Itsukimura: At 66 meters above the Kuma River the Kobae Bridge is Bungy Japan’s 2nd highest bridge and certifiably hair-raising! The town of Itsukimura was completely relocated and several formidably high bridges were constructed in preparation for construction of a new dam. Problem is the plan for the dam was scrapped so that left Itsukimura with a brand new town, and Bungy Japan with a staggeringly high bridge to put to use! Jump for joy? Oh yes! It’ll be a BIG jump!

    The Itsukimura area is accessed by a scenic drive from any of Kyushu’s urban centers that many motorcycling and touring enthusiasts flock to (not to mention car companies filming TV commercials!). The area boasts a plethora of outdoor activities such as mountain biking and river rafting as well as hot springs. Once you’re done with all the outdoor activities we suggest you try the delectable local deep fried deer!

    On days when the level of the river is just right we sometimes offer the water touch experience. What sort of water you ask? The Kuma River is known as one of Japan’s top 3 cleanest rivers! Take the Itsukimura bungy challenge and find out what all the hype is about!

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  • Sarugakyo Bungy (62m)

    Sarugakyo: The Sarugakyo Suikan Bridge is Bungy Japan’s 3rd tallest bridge and stands a whopping 62 meters above the Tone River. Step onto the Akatani Suikan Bridge, a bridge especially designed to carry water over the valley below, onto our specially designed platform and view the majestic Tone River cascading below.

    The area is well known for Sarugakyo Onsen, the infamous hot spring that is sure to provide you with a soothing pause. Also on offer is canoeing on a nearby lake and the visual beauty of the surrounding nature rank it as one of Bungy Japan’s most naturally stunning places to get your bungy adrenaline fix.

    Located just a 20 minute drive and from the Minakami bungy site and standing 20 meters higher, Sarugakyo the perfect place to deepen your bungy experience. And what’s more because of its proximity to the Minakami we offer discounted combo packages for those who’d like to jump from both bridges. Get a taste of both at 42 meter and 62 meter free fall and get a massive discount while you’re it? Sarugakyo Bungy also features Japan’s first electric winch recovery so when your jump is done you’ll be reeled back up to the bridge! Which location will get your adrenaline pumping more?

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  • Fuji Bungy (54m)

    Fuji Bungy towers over the Suzu Valley with a majestic view of waterfalls and Fuji City in the distance. The valley is the best in the Ashitakayama range and includes a popular campground, summer swimming, and some of the best autumn leaves viewing in the prefecture.

    Located a short distance from Fuji City and the Tomei Highway, Fuji Bungy is Bungy Japan’s newest location. The scenic 90 minute drive from Tokyo and Kanagawa also passes the Gotemba Outlets and is a short distance from Mt. Fuji.

    Come experience the thrill of bungy jumping in one of the most majestic valleys in the region and see what everyone has been talking about.

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  • Minakami Bungy (42m)

    Minakami: The Suwakyo Bridge lies 42 meters above the Tone River in the scenic resort town of Minakami in Gunma Prefecture. It’s here that Bungy Japan established Japan’s longest running bridge bungy site in 2007. Each year thousands of people flock to Minakami to take the bungy challenge and overcome their fears in the quest for personal growth.

    Minakami is fast becoming known as the outdoor capital of Japan and for good reason! The area boasts over a dozen river rafting companies in addition to canyoning, SUP, kayaking, canoeing and downhill mountain biking. Minakami is also home to Mt. Tanigawa one of the top 100 famous Japanese mountains and also a well renowned climbing mountain. And don’t forget what put the town on the map decades ago is its bounty of soothing natural hot springs.

    Of course one more activity that has put the area on the map is bungy jumping! Since 2007 over 50,000 people have taken the plunge safely including pop stars like members of the group AKB48 and legends of the entertainment business like Debbie Fujin.

    All things considered Minakami is a natural wonderland. Come and step over the rail onto our specially constructed platform and experience the thrill of free fall!

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  • Kaiun Bungy (30m)

    Kaiun Bungy is nestled in the heart of Japan’s historic Nara region and located near the Chougosonshiji Temple and the base of Mount Shigi. The region has long been the cultural and spiritual heart of Japan.

    The temple was founded by Prince Shotoku during the Asuka Period (592-710) Because the temple is related to the tiger of the Chinese Zodiac, which is used for the calendar, time and direction, the grounds of the temple are filled with figures of tigers. At the entrance, Fukutora, the world’s largest papier-mache tiger, greets visitors.

    Come experience the thrill of bungy jumping and challenge yourself at Kansai’s only bridge bungy jump!!

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  • Yamba Bungy (45m)


    This bridge, which has become a symbol of the construction of the Yamba Dam, has a total length of 494 meters and invites viewers with its overwhelming scale.
    From the jumping platform, the dam site spreads and you can enjoy the magnificent scenery. Jump price include Gopro rental and data

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  • Gifu Bungy (215m)


    The highest bridge bungy jump in Japan !!
    Shintabisoko bashi is the largest bridge in Japan with a total length of 462 meters and is a V-shaped mountain and a bridge over the mountain in Tabisoko gawa Valley. In the majestic nature, a big thrilling jump towards the journey foot river flowing far below your eyes !!
    All jumpers must wear a wing suit. GoPro rental is a service. Let’s take memories!
    It takes more than 2 hours.

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