About Go Bungy International

Go Bungy International is one of the world’s premier adventure tourism companies. We have more than 10 years of experience in 4 countries bungy jumping from bridges, towers and platforms. We are the only company in Japan that offers bridge bungy jumps. We’ve jumped from 15 different bridges and towers internationally and currently run operations from 11 locations around the globe. Go Bungy International is a specialist in infrastructure tourism, using regional and national bridges and bungy related engineering.

Go Bungy International is committed to the philosophy of personal growth via personal challenge, and we strive to provide a positive and rewarding experience in a safe and controlled environment. Bungy jumping is an exciting chance to face your fears, test your will, and realize your own potential, offering an experience that you’ll never forget. We take pride in helping every jumper discover the inner strength to overcome their fears by providing an extreme test of courage in a safe, professional but fun environment.

Bungy Japan’s Experience

1995 -2019

Bungy Japan is well established as Japan’s premier professional bungy jump company. We are the only company in Japan that uses public infrastructure for bungy jumping and we have contracts with towns, cities, government offices around the country.

Bungy Japan jumpmasters are trained to an exceptionally high level in safety as well as first aid medical care. Most of our jumpmasters have worked on international bungy sites and Bungy Japan utilizes this experience to continually improve its operations.

Since opening Bungy Japan has set up and operated a number of different events including a 30m tower jump in a shopping mall in Tokyo.

Bungy Japan strives to provide the safest and most exciting bungy jumps in the world and is determined to consistently deliver superior customer service. 

1995~2001 Involved in establishment of Japan’s first bridge bungy jump site. (Yamagata Prefecture)
2001 Involved in establishment of Japan’s first indoor bungy jump site. (Tokyo, Odaiba Mediage Building)
2004 Established Minakami bungy site. (Minakami, Gunma Prefecture)
2011  Established Itsukimura bridge bungy site. (Itsukimura Kumamoto Prefecture)
2013 Established Sarugakyo bridge bungy site (Minakami, Gunma Prefecture)
2013 Established Ryujin bridge bungy site (Hitachi-Ota, Ibaraki Prefecture)
2015 Established Kaiun bungy Site (Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture)
2016 Established Fuji bungy Site (Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
2019 Established Yamba bungy Site (Oohashi, Gunma Prefecture)

2020 Established Gifu bungy Site (Yaotsu, Gifu Prefecture) (Japan’s highest and longest Bungy jump) [/column]

Bungy Japan’s staff

Bungy Japan believes that its greatest strength is its staff. Our staff are here to provide the best all-around experience, which is individually tailored to each jumper in terms of both safety and fun. All staff are trained according to international safety standards, speak both English and Japanese, and are certified nice people. For safety and friendly smiles, at least two experienced, certified jumpmasters is present at every site.
  • Sarugakyo Staff

    Sarugakyo Staff


  • Ryujin Staff

    Ryujin Staff

  • Minakami Staff

    Minakami Staff

  • Itsukimura Staff

    Itsukimura Staff

  • Fuji Staff

    Fuji Staff

  • Kaiun Staff

    Kaiun Staff

  • Yamba Staff

    Yamba Staff

Bungy Japan`s Core Values


Customer Safety, personal safety, site safety


Setting goals, working hard, having fun


High standards, personal appearance, professional attitude


Procedures, manuals, checks and checklists


Continued learning, training logs, manuals


Best customer experience, site atmosphere, environment


With customers, with each other, two languages

Safety is our number one priority

Before you jump, you will be weighed and the bungy equipment will be calibrated to take account of your body weight. To ensure each jumper’s safety, we strictly adhere to safety procedures which include double- and triple-checking equipment. Our operating manual follows rigorous guidelines and itemized checks designed to eliminate human error. In addition to our series of safety checks, we only use the best equipment available. Our equipment is checked on a daily basis and all equipment is replaced at the start of each new season. To further guarantee your safety we have at least one trained and certified Jump master present at every site, all of whom have been certified to international safety standards. In addition, locally employed Japanese staff get the best training available from certified Bungy Japan jumpmasters.